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Avatar Orchestra Metaverse - Rue Blanche
October 07, 2007 03:25 AM PDT
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Avatar Orchestra Metaverse live at the Opera Populaire, Tempesta Nox, SL.
October 6, 2007
Composition by Miulew Takahe (Björn Eriksson.
Orchestral Investigations is an ongoing series of orchestral
investigations of Second Life by the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse.
These take place as site-specific investigations where the orchestra
reaches out for a new setting and audience, and where the venue and
orchestra add up to make this a very special happening. Some of
these events are also part of mixed reality presentations of Avatar
Orchestra Metaverse and screened RL.

HoT selftest
October 03, 2007 04:43 PM PDT
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This is the first test of an instrument to perform The Heart of Tones.
October 3, 2007

August 17, 2007 12:03 PM PDT
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A really quick one - done for a video you can find on YouTube, documenting a streaming -media workshop held by Björn Eriksson aka Miulew Takahe at städtische Galerie Leerer Beutel Regensburg, August16, 2007.
The material I used were streams J0Ri Tokio distributed to the computers of the participants. The web did nice spatial delays, I did recordings, editing & heavy processing. This is what came out...

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse - Wee.No.Kresh
May 13, 2007 02:43 AM PDT
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There is a term in psychology (AFAIK) - "magic thinking" - I had in mind when I was searching for a name for this song...
And yes, we crashed the SIM in SL haaaaard, hehe.
Two dreams came true when the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse successfully completed this piece (we needed two attempts):
- I finally made the world collapse around me solely by playing my music (I tried hard to achieve that with noisy bands for years, lol)
- I invented, built & successfully tested a new instrument in-world, while Miulew's setup of several computers at the Soundroom in Eskilstuna, Sweden was surprisingly stable & in sync. All set to go for further experiments: The Onomatophone was built for 3-D sound, 1-D stereo was yesterday!!!

Recorded and played live at Haidplatz, xxXtenXion, Odyssey (SL) and Soundroom Eskilstuna, Sweden (RL)
Bingo Onomatopoeia - Onomatophone, Perc-HUD
Miulew Takahe - Lead/Vocal-HUD
Avatar Orchestra Metaverse - Perc-HUDs

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